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Additional emergency aid for the hospitality industry being planned.

Leaf Systems GmbH from Mannheim is planning an additional aid package for the hospitality industry together with Leondrino Germany and other partners. Leaf Systems GmbH specializes in the digitization of the hospitality industry and works together with Leondrino Germany to issue a digital enterprise currency (also called enterprise token) based on the standardized Leondrino LifeCycle concept. With this standard, even before the introduction of enterprise currencies into the trade market, voucher-like tokens (utility tokens) can be put into circulation. This action helps to establish a circular economy in the hospitality industry in a quick and unbureaucratic way that eliminates the liquidity squeeze at the restart of the economy.

Leading partners from the beverage and food industry are currently examining if an additional, efficient and long-lasting token cycle system can be created for the hospitality industry, which could significantly reduce the liquidity squeeze in the context of the restart of the economy. The goal is to use the LEAF token as digital currency in partnership with restaurants, suppliers and private investors for the multimillion-dollar aid package and to provide the affected companies with additional, immediate, unbureaucratic emergency aid which can be used for the procurement of goods from participating food suppliers. Preparations for the test of this project are currently underway in up to three model regions.


Leaf Systems and Leondrino Germany are in intensive talks with representatives of food suppliers and politicians. Both companies are confident that the required initial investments and guarantees can be jointly provided by private and public institutions. The emergency applies to the entire hospitality industry, and immediate and effective aid is absolutely essential. In the long term, a return of the funds is planned as part of the scheduled introduction of the LEAF token into public trade. As the manufacturer of the Metris cash register system, Leaf Systems GmbH will now provide all businesses in the hospitality industry with a free digital ordering system so that businesses can perfectly organize the permitted pick-up and delivery service during the Corona crisis. This digital ordering platform is not tied to any particular system which gives the entire hospitality industry free access to the solution during the restrictions imposed by the authorities. Comprehensive information is available at www.leaf-systems.eu. Based in Mannheim, and specializing in digital menus, ordering and billing systems, Leaf Systems GmbH, has been digitizing all areas of the hospitality industry since 2013. In the last years intensive efforts are being made to introduce a digital currency, the LEAF token. As a think tank, Leaf Systems GmbH is a leader in digitization and organizational optimization.

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