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ICO Launch Date Postponed to Q2 2020.

Leaf Systems GmbH has been testing the usage of LEAF token under pilot conditions with a limited number of restaurants. During this pilot phase, purchases with LEAF tokens (still in token class D) are tested via the new order app of Leaf Systems GmbH which was launched a few weeks later than originally planned. In order to get enough feedback and to prepare the following, controlled availability phase sufficiently, the next step of the token rollout with the upcoming ICO as defined within the Leondrino lifecycle is postponed to Q2 2020.  

The final new ICO launch date will be announced at the end of the pilot phase. During the controlled availability phase, the LEAF token will also be tested for on-site purchases at restaurants and not only via the order app.

The ITO of the LEAF token will be extended until end of Q1 2020. This will give all interested consumers still the chance to buy LEAF tokens at a substantial discount. Consumers can already realize the advantage in one of the LEAF pilot restaurants or keep their LEAF tokens and consume them later.

The price will per LEAF token rise from EUR 0.24 to EUR 0.26 on January 15, 2020. All conditions of the pilot phase as mentioned in the first appendix of the LEAF token Whitepaper – including the attractive purchasing power in pilot restaurants and the limited number of accepted tokens per restaurant and month – will stay the same until end of the pilot phase (end of Q1 2020). The subsequent controlled availability phase will start with 25 restaurants and the number of participating restaurants will be increased in a controlled manner until the general availability phase.

See www.leaftoken.io for news regarding participating pilot restaurants and upcoming restaurants for the controlled availability phase. Restaurants that are interested in joining the LEAF Network are invited to contact us via e-mail info@leaftoken.io.

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