Swiss restaurant group Za Zaa fully accepts LEAF as payment method

The restaurant group in Basel sets a milestone in the restaurant business. Now it is possible to fully pay with LEAF in their five Swiss restaurants. The purchasing power of LEAF will be 1 CHF = 1 LEAF. Therefore, food like pitabread and hummus can be bought for 12 LEAF instead of 12 CHF. Currently one LEAF costs 0,45 Euro.

In the following Za Zaa restaurants it is possible to pay with LEAF:

  • Za Zaa, Petersgraben 15, 4051 Basel, Schweiz
  • Za Zaa, Barfüsserpl., 4001 Basel, Schweiz
  • Za Zaa, Erasmuspl. 16, 4057 Basel, Schweiz
  • Za Zaa, Spalenvorstadt 12, 4051 Basel, Schweiz
  • Hadiqa, Dornacherstrasse 252, 4053 Basel, Schweiz

The payment process for LEAF token account holders is pretty easy. Before visiting the restaurant you only need to download the Leondrino Pay App from the respective App Store for your device and connect it with your Leondrino Wallet. At the restaurant, a digital QR code is displayed on the waiter’s mobile POS system, which can be scanned with the Leondrino Pay App to complete the payment transaction.

Here you can find further information on how to use the Leondrino Pay App for LEAF payments.

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