Important information regarding LEAF token sale conditions during upcoming ICO

With the start of the upcoming ICO on May 15th, 2020, the LEAF token switches from token class D to token class C following the Leondrino Lifecycle. This implies that the purchase limitation per user will be partially lifted so that users will be able to acquire LEAF tokens worth up to 250 EUR per transaction (formerly limited to 100 EUR per transaction during ITO) and for a maximum of 2,500 EUR per day and 10,000 EUR per month (formerly limited to 1,000 EUR per month during ITO).

In this context, and in order to comply with the current regulation, an ID document check is requested from ICO participants to perform the next step in the KYC process. Switching from the current KYC light check to a KYC ID document check requires extra efforts for the company. For this reason and only during the upcoming ICO, Leaf Systems GmbH will limit the purchase of LEAF tokens temporarily to a few selected countries. The company hereby announces that only citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as European citizens living in those countries are eligible to buy LEAF tokens during the ICO.

Temporarily excluded prospective buyers and investors are kindly invited to sign up on the whitelist by registering on Everybody registered in the whitelist will be notified as soon as this temporary restriction is lifted.

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