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UPDATE - 18.03.2019

First pilot partners are here!

Place an order, pay with LEAF, build a loyalty status and become VIP customer. Because the first restaurants reward you for your trust. Soon available!

Fletcher’s Better Burger

Frankfurt (Germany)

Gym Cook
Munich (Germany)

Helldone’s Burriteria
Feldkirch (Austria)


Stuttgart (Germany)

Orick’s Rankweil

Rankweil (Austria)

01. motivation

The LEAF token Becomes
the Branded Currency for
the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is outdated. Since centuries the relationships between restaurants, suppliers and consumers have remained unaltered. Paper-made menu cards, long waiting times in order to be attended, payments accepted only in cash, or the impossibility to pay or re-order whenever you want without having to call the waiter, are some of the characteristics that have complicated the customers’ restaurant experience for many years.

Paradoxically, even though consumers and restaurants aspire higher mutual benefits, a solution could not be found. Nowadays, thanks to Blockchain and the power of cryptocurrencies, the humankind has been provided with a tool, that 10 years ago before Satoshi released the first ever whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, nobody had thought of.  Even though the technology is currently in its early stage and needs to be developed further, the offering of almost no transaction fees, on-time transaction speed, as well as high security are some of the natural characteristics of this new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the hospitality sector.

The mission of leafsystems is to link local consumers to local restaurants and suppliers, making transactions easy, reliable and manageable during their entire relationship.

The vision of leafsystems is to launch the leading digital currency for restaurants, suppliers and consumers, providing the interface for innovation to all those stakeholders. leafsystems aims to manage the transactions of over 500,000 restaurants from all over Europe within the next 5 years and more than 1,000,000 restaurants worldwide within the next 10 years.

LEAF token
02. Benefits

LEAF Network Benefits

03. Participate

Invest and Benefit from Early On

We are still in the nascent stage with our LEAF Restaurant Currency, and as always in these phases, the advantages for the early birds – those who support new ideas early on – are huge. Early birds who invest and support us actively at an early stage will profit most from the growth of our LEAF network and the development of our LEAF token.

Selected professional investors have the opportunity to secure early allocations of forthcoming LEAF currency (Token Class A). A convertible loan (Leondrino Convertible) has been chosen as the contract form, including conversion into the forthcoming LEAF currency at attractive preferential conditions related to the price with the establishment of the public trading of LEAF token (in the Leondrino context referred to as Initial Public Leondrino Offering).
Risk-taking professional investors also have the opportunity to subscribe to so-called SAFT (Simple Agreement on Future Token) agreements adapted to the German jurisdiction.

Get Free Tokens!

Even better, our diverse airdrop events will grant you a notable number of free LEAF tokens.

An extra airdrop is a reward in form of free LEAF for all users who start interacting with the Leondrino Wallet and the LEAF token. Namely users will get free LEAF tokens when:

Creating a Leondrino Wallet and adding LEAF as a favorite brand.
Potential early adopters will get 1 LEAF token when creating a Leondrino Wallet and adding LEAF as one of their favorite brands.

Filling out the survey regarding restaurant preferences.
Potential early supporters who fill out the survey and give information regarding their restaurant preferences, will be granted with 10 LEAF tokens.

Hurry up and do not miss the opportunity as the budget dedicated to this airdrop is limited!

The distribution is managed by Leondrino Exchange and the three main events for this
distribution underlie the following rules:


The LEAF network

The LEAF network aims to become a circular economy in which the role of the LEAF token will be crucial. A circular economy is an industrial system in which the potential use of goods and materials is optimized and their elements returned to the system at the end of their viable lifecycles. Supply chain sustainability and product lifecycle sustainability are integral to the circular economy. Materials and products have a closed-loop lifecycle and, ideally, all elements that go into the creation of a product are reused, recycled or remanufactured rather than discarded.

The LEAF network, however, will integrate all kind of POS in order to unleash the entire potential of network effects and pave the path to mass adoption.

LEAF payment cycle
05. Roadmap


The future of leafsystems compliments the successful growth of the past years. The issuance of the LEAF token represents a significant step towards leafsystems´ ultimate goal: The digitalization of the hospitality industry.

leafsystems foundation as company providing smart order solutions
Introduction of leafpos: A cloud based restaurant point of sale system
Announcement of planning a virtual currency for the hospitality industry at IFA in Berlin
Planning and development of the concept for the introduction of tokens in restaurants
Planning and development of the concept for the introduction of tokens in restaurants
First restaurants will accept the LEAF token as payment method
January 2019 (Q1)
Start of Initial Token Offering (ITO)
February 2019 (Q1)
Finalizing Initial Token Offering (ITO)
2019 (Q2)
Start of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
2019 (Q3)
Finalizing the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
2019 (Q4)
Preparing the Initial Leondrino Offering (ILO)
2019 (Q4)
LEAF is now tradable on a secondary public exchange
2020 (Q1)


The LEAF token is powered by Leondrino Exchange (LEX) which offers currency management as a service for enterprises and fast-growing companies. The LEAF token follows the standard token design of Leondrino currencies and is subject to a managed lifecycle.

Initially, the total volume of LEAF token is fixed based on business plan scenarios of the upcoming currency rim of the LEAF network. This initial total supply sums the 500,000,000 LEAF tokens issued as initial supply plus 100,000,000 LEAF tokens expected as a passive supply. After the introduction of the LEAF token to the public trade via an Initial Leondrino Offering and after a passive supply phase, the token supply will be managed by Leondrino Exchange in a situation comparable to a central bank but supported by the latest technology. It implies that the supply and management of the token after the passive supply, would be determined based on a transparent monetary policy agreed between leafsystems and Leondrino Exchange.

With this approach, Leondrino Exchange is addressing the ever-persistent challenge of high volatility that many cryptocurrencies suffer specially after starting being traded in a public exchange and that would have counter-productive effects on the tokens used as a method of payment.

08. Numbers

Token Distribution

55% Budget for token sale
Private Presale26%
Initial Token Offering (ITO)2%
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)36%
Initial Leondrino Offering (ILO)36%
45% Budget for Special Target Groups and Marketing
Business Development
Team members, Stakeholders and Advisors
Referrals and Airdrops for early adopters and contributors
Use Of Proceeds

By splitting the total distribution into two budgets, leafsystems aims to achieve different goals. On the one hand, the budget for special target groups and marketing aims to promote key partnerships as well as incentive key players in order to ensure acceptance and success of the LEAF token and its LEAF network. On the other hand, the budget for token sale is intended to provide the leafsystems with the financial support needed in order to accomplish the set targets.

Contingency Fund
Legal Costs
Operational Costs
Technical Development and Staff
Establishment and Development Ecosystem
Marketing and Business Development
09. Token Design

Token Design

Token Name: LEAF token
Ticker Symbol: LEAF
Initial Number of Tokens: 500,000,000
Reserve per Passive Supply* 100,000,000
Total Supply of Tokens 600,000,000
Price per Token at ITO (fixed at end) 0.20 €
Price per Token at ICO (fixed at end) 0.40 €
Target Price Range at the Public Trade 1.00 – 1.40 €
*Will only be used in accordance with transparent, pre-defined rules
LEAF token
10. Team

The Team

leafsystems is a team of young ambitious programmers, inspired by the growing power of the modern technology. Based on the passion about programming, insight and deep understanding about gastronomy needs, we develop customized platform-independent POS system for your business, which can be used with platform independent. Our modern restaurant POS system is not just going to optimize the every-day processes and costs, lead to sales increase but also going to improve the ease and the quality of your accounting reporting. The system is up to date with the legal reporting requirements, providing with correct, transparent and flawless information about each transaction made in your business. Our team is highly interested in individual needs and satisfaction of each client, which is a guarantee for the quality of our services.

The POS system as well as leafwaiter and leafmenu can be easily implemented in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, discos as well as in big catering events, and can be customized according your preferences and special needs, making it perfect solution for big and small venues.

Founded in June 2013, leafsystems’ family is experiencing stable growth having more than 400 partners and 3500 tablets in use.

Shenwei Ye

Shenwei Ye

Patrick Marksteiner

Patrick Marksteiner

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Patrick Neulinger

Patrick Neulinger

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Thomas Krisch


Dayana Yordanova

Business Development