Stop settling for less than you deserve!

Paying with LEAF is about giving and receiving back.
Individual discounts and exclusive offers at any of the restaurants in the LEAF network are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?
Create a Wallet NOW, and start paying in LEAF.
The price per LEAF increases over time until reaching a price of 1 to 1.40€. However, the value of 1 LEAF remains by 1€ at any restaurant. Get your LEAF now and benefit from the discount.

Current price

0.60 €

To be #Unique. Receive individual discounts and exclusive offers according to YOUR loyalty status.

To stay #CovidFree. Order, pre-order and pay without touching anything else. We want
you safe and sound!

To #savetime. No more time wasted just waiting for the waiter in order to get a table, order or pay.

To be #environmentalfriendly. Get your discounts and order digitally, contributing by
that towards the reduction of paper waste.

To #savemoney. Track your expenses. All your transactions will be saved in your account.

To #Discoveramazingrestaurants that fit your needs. New in a City? Traveling for a
couple of days? No worries whether you are vegetarian, bodybuilder, or just like spicy food, we have exactly the restaurant you are looking for!

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…and many more coming soon!