1. About the Project

After founding leafsystems in 2013, the start-up has already introduced more than 1,000 POS systems in restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, handling over 20 million transactions a year. Thus, the young company has developed a business model that benefits from sustainable revenue streams, market expertise as well as established networks. leafsystems’ vision consists of the digitalization of hospitality through a digital currency: the LEAF token. The LEAF token simplifies the exchange of information between consumers and restaurants, opening up a whole new way to strengthen customer relationships and use appropriate marketing. This enables the presentation of individual offers, simple payment options and much more. Due to the variety of functions, the wallet becomes a significant means for orders and payments. Consequently, the importance of other touchpoints is reduced. It is not only restaurants and consumers who benefit from sharing their data – food manufacturers, suppliers and other partners within the system also reap the benefits. Relevant user information, based on private brand currency, is shared within the LEAF network to improve and enhance offerings for the benefit of consumers.

leafsystems’ mission is to connect local consumers with local restaurants and make transactions across the relationship simple, reliable and manageable.

The LEAF token – together with the LEAF network – plays an essential role in the digital revolution of the hospitality industry. The LEAF token is used by consumers and restaurants to exchange products and services, increasing mutual understanding. Demand for LEAF will lead to fundamental value as the value of the network increases. The LEAF token…


  • act as a payment method within the LEAF network
  • enable targeted customer engagement
  • connect members of the LEAF network with each other

…will not

  • pay dividends or profits of any kind
  • give voting rights to token owners
  • give control of the company or share ownership of any kind

A deeper understanding of customer needs provides consumers with certain benefits and privileges depending on their loyalty status. Although terms and conditions may vary by restaurant, consumers generally benefit from the following advantages as part of the LEAF network:

  • Individual discounts
  • Targeted and exclusive offers
  • The ability to avoid long queues at restaurants – unlike customers who do not pay with LEAF tokens
  • The ability to pre-order, pre-pay and make electronic reservations
  • An easy way to redeem coupons and receive electronic receipts
  • The ability to find restaurants that meet their needs

Especially in the case of digital coupons, offering them at the right time and in the right context is essential to guarantee success – instead of a burden in the form of difficult-to-assess, long-term liabilities. A branded currency managed by a mobile wallet that enables data sharing – while keeping private data between consumers and restaurants protected – enables new ways of targeted restaurant marketing based on in-depth customer knowledge. As part of the LEAF network, restaurants receive:

  • General customer information
  • Specific food preferences, e.g. meat cooking levels or allergies
  • Access to a solution that extends the limited potential for personalised marketing and distribution
  • Access to transaction history, which includes information such as average order volume, price sensitivity and order frequency
  • Information on the creditworthiness of consumers

Finally, suppliers and other key players in the hospitality industry also benefit from being part of the LEAF network. To take advantage of a more data-driven approach – e.g. for customer acquisition and retention – companies typically need to invest in infrastructure, tools and technical know-how to collect and manage the various internal and external data sources and ultimately to effectively analyse the data and forecast results. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not have the necessary staff or capital to access these functionalities, can derive significant benefits from the LEAF network. In fact, being part of the LEAF network means being able to benefit from a seamless flow of data on specific customer groups and direct contact with restaurants. In addition, participation enables a competitive advantage to be a pioneer in the field in the future. In summary, suppliers and other players in the hospitality industry benefit from the following advantages:

  • Access to raw data on customer purchasing behaviour
  • Direct interaction with restaurants
  • Insights into new trends in the sector

2. Token Information

leafsystems will create up to 600,000,000 LEAF token. The initial distribution of the LEAF token aims to provide the company with financial support while building an extensive network (500,000,000). An additional reserve of 100,000,000 might be issued as a passive supply under predetermined conditions once LEAF is traded without restrictions.

The LEAF Leondrino Lifecycle created by the Leondrino Exchange is an innovative currency management solution which ensures the correct function of the token as a method of payment. In it, the development of an active community around the project becomes crucial as the project goes through the different phases. In the case of the LEAF token, the Leondrino Lifecycle consists of 6 phases in which the LEAF token entails different rights and restrictions.

LEAF Leondrino Lifecycle

Up to 225,000,000 token (45% of the total initial supply) will be held to incentive consumers and key strategic partners as well as to align interests within the team, shareholders and advisors of leafsystems. Another 275,000,000 LEAF token (55%) are intended to be sold during the private presale, ITO, ICO and ILO phases.

The capital raised during the pre-sale will be used to prepare later sale events and compensate engineers, staff and contractors, cover operating costs and marketing expenses, and to address other administrative, legal and unforeseen costs. The capital raised during the ITO, ICO and ILO is expected to be distributed in the following way:

  • Technical development and staff (20%)
  • Establishment and development ecosystem (20%)
  • Marketing and business development (30%)
  • Operational costs (5%)
  • Legal costs (5%)
  • Contingency fund (20%)

3. Token Sale Details

The LEAF token is sold over 3 crowd token sale events, – ITO, ICO and ILO- plus a Pre-Sale for investors.

The Pre-Sale is aimed to selected professional investors willing to invest in the early stages of the project through Loan Convertibles and SAFTs. For more info, please contact us under investors@leaftoken.io.

An ITO or an Initial Token Offering is the first of the three crowd token sale events that leafsystems will conduct. The capital raised during this phase will serve to prepare later token sale events as well as to incentive the first participants of the LEAF network. During the ITO phase, leafsystems is expected to sell around 1% (5.000.000 tokens) of the total initial supply to early adopters and supporters.

The ICO or an Initial Coin Offering is the second token sale event that leafsystems will conduct. The capital raised during this phase will mainly help leafsystems to increase the number of participants in the LEAF network as well as to offer higher discounts to end consumers. The ICO is expected to be the bigger token sale event together with the ILO. In it, a 20% of the total initial supply (100.000.000 tokens) will be offered.

An ILO or an Initial Leondrino Offering is the third and last token sale event. This is the phase were broad adoption is already reached and the majority of population understood the benefits of LEAF. Lastly, leafsystems aims to sell another 20% (100.000.000 Tokens) during the ILO. This amount may be incremented if tokens are left unsold during the ICO. The capital raised during this phase will serve to continue increasing the number of key players participating in the LEAF network.


The token Sale (including any pre-sales) is not aimed at buyers whose domicile, tax residence or usual place of residence is in a country, or who initiate the purchase of the tokens from a country or via a country, in which the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies is forbidden or only permitted under certain conditions (such as an official permit); that have been classified by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) with regard to money laundering and the financing of terrorism as high-risk countries or countries under observation or against whom embargoes, or sanctions have been imposed, especially by the United States of America or the EU (“excluded third parties”). These countries include particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu and Yemen, but also the People’s Republic of China, Singapore and Cuba “excluded countries”).

4. Aidrops and Restaurants´ Participation

Yes. leafsystems will grant a notable number of LEAF token for free in conjunction with airdrops. Namely leafsystems expect to distribute a limited amount of LEAF tokens among extra airdrops and special programs for pilot restaurants. “Because early support does need to be rewarded”

An extra airdrop is a reward in form of free LEAF for all of those users who start interacting with the Leondrino Wallet and the LEAF token. Namely users will get free LEAF tokens when:

  • Creating a Leondrino Wallet and adding LEAF as a favorite brand.
  • Potential early adopters will get 1 LEAF token when creating a Leondrino Wallet and adding LEAF as one of their favorite brands.
  • Filling out the survey regarding restaurant preferences.
  • Potential early supporters who fill out the survey and give information regarding their restaurant preferences, will be granted with 10 LEAF tokens.

Please be aware that each of the actions are to be done only once per Leondrino Wallet. Thus, the maximum number of free LEAF tokens an early adopter may get from this first Airdrop is limited to 21 LEAF tokens. Hurry up and do not miss the opportunity as the budget dedicated to this airdrop is limited!


On the last day of the first phase of the ITO is the first factor event, the vision factor event, where the number of LEAF tokens owned by a user is multiplied by the vision factor (= 2). This event already took place.


The early bird factor event is the second factor event in which the number of LEAF tokens belonging to a user is multiplied by the early bird factor (= 1.5). This event already took place.


The Momentum Factor Event is the third and final event in which the number of LEAF tokens belonging to a user is multiplied by the Early Bird Factor (= 1.25). This event already took place.


In addition to the standard airdrops, LEAF token holders can participate in the affiliate program and invite other users to the network.


Last but not least, users can easily get free tokens for signing up to the wallet, subscribing to the newsletter, sharing information, etc.

5. KYC Process

KYC (Know Your Customer/Know Your Client) is required for all investors due to finance regulations to prevent money laundering. The purpose of KYC is to prevent the token sales events from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, to break the law. In this sense, leafsystems is required to confirm the identity of each investor to make sure that they are who they say they are. All that you need to be verified is your government-issued ID.

The only time we will ask you to complete KYC is if you purchase tokens through any of the token sales events.

A valid government-issued ID is required for KYC verification. Your government-issued ID must not be expired and must contain your photo. Use the Google Scan app, a scanner or take a flat image of your ID or photo page (front and back).

The LEAF tokens are sold via www.leondrino.de.

It is not possible to buy LEAF tokens without a Leondrino Wallet. Creating a Leondrino wallet is simple:

  1. go to www.leondrino.de
  2. click on “Sign up”
  3. fill in the requested information and click on “Register”.

The last part of the process is to click on “Wallet”, search for “LEAF token” and click on “Buy”.